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The Militant AV guy!

No, we dont hang banners.

10 July 1980

New User Info! 7.21.11!

I got tired of the old graphic. I'm not really all about scathing hostility, or banning people. I do hate writing "mini biographies" though, so with that in mind, here's a list of things that I am:

  • 31
  • Geek. [63.11637% according to the ultimate geek test!] I'm very proud
    of this fact. I've competed in Battlebots
    and I Geocache too.
  • Gamer. Tekken, CounterStrike, Battletech: Firestorm, Soul Calibur
    2, Marvel vs Capcom 2...just to name a few.
  • Techie. I've been doing production stuff since before Highschool,
    and currently work at the World Arena and Pikes Peak Center. I'm also
    a "professional AV nerd" at Colorado College.
  • Addicted. Internet, Caffiene, Video Games...just to name a few. I
    dont drink, I dont smoke, and I dont do drugs. I get militant about
    it sometimes too.
  • Cynic. "For every animal you dont eat, I will eat three."
  • Trigger Happy. I love guns. I dont kill cute animals with them...unless they've messed with some of MY cute animals...in which case, they get liquidated.

Where am I on the web? I'll tell you!





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